A girl who had a problem learning at school has been made to suffer severe injuries following treatment from an

The latter who has been arrested by the police in Ibadan, Oyo State, ensured nasty wounds on the victim's body which may prove disturbing for viewing.

A picture shared via Instablog9ja's IG on June 1, 2018, showed a huge scar on her back while a fresh cut noticeable on her bottom appeared moist.

Help came for her when neighbours in her community spotted bad injuries on her body.

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Dirty dad caught pants down with 13-yr-old daughter in Delta

The elders in the Opuedebubor Community of Delta State, were left to ponder on the fate of a man, Yerin, alleged to have defiled 13-year-old daughter.

An IG caption by Instablog9ja on Thursday, May 10, 2018, expressed that the father was caught pants down in the act of having sex with his child.

He was reportedly paraded around the community while its leaders thought of ways to correct the behaviour.

Yerin's bare chest hindered with sand and dirt offered proof of this.

For the accused who was captured on his knees, it appeared the end having expressed a look similar to guilt and regret.