A photo of deceased food vendor was reportedly made to pound Fufu (a local Ghanaian food) while she was laid in state has been making the rounds on social media and users have been reacting to the propriety or otherwise of the practice.

The photo shows a woman obviously laid in state in a funeral setting, while holding a pestle in a manner that looked like she was indeed pounding either boiled cassava or yam in the mortar that was placed before her.

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Amanda posted the photo with the caption:

“Dead Woman Made To ‘Pound Yam’ During Her Lying-In-State (Warning: Scary Photo)

“Shocking! Dead woman ‘pounds yam’ during her burial.“It was indeed a shocking sight as the corpse of a dead woman was seen ‘pounding yam’ during her burial ceremony in Ghana.

“According to report gathered, the deceased was a food vendor in Ghana. During the lying-in-state of the deceased, her corpse was positioned where it looked likeshe was alive pounding yam.”

Some Ghanaians are noted for taking delight in organising glamorous funerals to pay their last respect to dead relatives, but it is unclear whether the photo was indeed shot in Ghana and which part of the country the event happened.