Lady loses job after telling boss “you look so cute” before asking “do I stand a chance with you?”

A young lady who could not hold back her feelings for her boss expressed it so explicitly that it has led to the loss of her new job.

Lady loses new job after telling boss “you look so cute; do I stand a chance with you?”

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She first complimented him by saying “you look so cute” but instead of ending it there, the infatuated lady went further to ask “do I stand a chance with you?”

A popular Nigerian development coach and lecturer Dipo Awojide with Twitter username @ogbenidipo who shared the story of the unidentified lady said the incident happened on her first day at her job.

“If you get to a new job please behave yourself. Don’t go and be shooting unnecessary romantic shots that can get you sacked!

“How can you go and ask your male manager ‘you look so cute; do I stand a chance with you? Can I sit on your face’ on the first day at your new job? Some of you are very bold but enjoy unnecessary wahala. Don’t you like your job? Now HR has been involved.

"Be open about your romantic feelings but respect yourself in the workplace or you will get disciplined or sacked by HR.

"Just been told that the girl has just been fired. She will get paid for one day. We are advertising her job soon,” Dipo Awojide wrote on Twitter.

In other news, a relationship coach and psychotherapist has said that unless men are looking for trouble, they must avoid dating women who are below the age of 25.

Benjamin Zulu from Kenya explained that such women are not yet matured and are in the exploration stage of their lives and so, they cannot commit to a serious romantic relationship, reported.

He was speaking on NTV's Wicked Edition when he made the assertion.

According to the vocal public figure, dating women who are younger than 25 years brings chaos in relationships because their brains are yet to mature and stabilise enough to accommodate a serious affair.

"Most women become themselves when they are 26 years and above. Before then, you do not know who you are dealing with. When she is 24, 23, she is just a girl," Benjamin Zulu said.

This is not the first time he has made news headlines for some of his utterances. He recently advised married men to replace their wives if they deny them sex and refuse to carry out their wifely duties.

He was reportedly responding to a Kenyan man on his segment on Switch TV, Zulu said no man should condemn himself to a life of promiscuity because they are not satisfied at home.

"Do not look for these things (that the wife denies) elsewhere. Just replace the woman. Do not let her turn you into an immoral person, sleeping around because she has stopped playing the role of a wife," he said.

According to the troubled man, his wife was denying him sex although he performs his responsibilities as a husband to the best of his ability.


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