Igwe who says he is the coordinator in charge of Ojota, Kosofe, Ketu, Ogudu and Iyana Oworo, all in Lagos State, spoke with Pulse on the plans to achieve their dream country.

Igwe who is very passionate about the Biafra dream disclosed that at a meeting with the leader of IPOB recently, they all vowed to do everything possible to declare Biafra an independent country or else all hell will be let loose.

Read excerpts of the interview with Igwe.

You seem to be very passionate about Biafra

Yes, I am very passionate about Biafra and every free born Igbo man should also be. It is our heritage and we must achieve the Biafran Republic whether Nigeria wants it. We want Biafra and nothing else or there will be bloodshed in this country.

What gives you so much confidence about Biafra becoming a reality?

The indices are all on the ground. We have done our homework and we have the support of many foreign countries who recognize Biafra. The countries accept our passports and we have our own currency, so there is no stopping Biafra.

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Can you name those countries?

I do not want to mention their names but all I can say is that there are over 20 countries behind us. We are just waiting for a signal from our leader, to strike and declare our independence. Mark my words, nothing can stop us. Not even the Nigerian military.

Do you have what it takes to battle the military if it gets to a confrontation?

No one should underrate us. We are fully prepared. We have our army on the ground and we will shock Nigeria if it comes to that point but for now, we want to do it peacefully but if we are pushed to the wall, our reaction will be bloody.

We are sure you were not born during the civil war but you must have heard of the devastating effects

Yes, I was not born at that time but from history, we all know how well our army that was not even well trained managed to hold out against the might of the Nigerian Army. Today, with our sophisticated weapons and the training our army has received, we will shock the world.

Are you not afraid of being arrested over your stance and strong words?

Why should I be afraid? No true born Igbo man is afraid of anything. is not afraid of the Nigerian Military and if my leader is not afraid, why should I be? I am waiting for anyone to come and arrest me.

But if Nnamdi Kanu is not afraid, whey has did he go underground shortly after the Operation Python Dance by the Military?

Who said has gone underground? If you have been following the development, you will know that he was arrested by the Army when they raided his house. He can never abandon his men and run away. He is not a coward.

But the former Governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu said Nnamdi Kanu escaped to London via Malaysia?

That is a big lie. I know this for a fact. only said that to please Buhari who is now his paymaster. No sane Igbo man takes Kalu serious. We know Kanu did not run away.

Do you know this for a fact?

Yes, what I say is a fact. He was taken away by the soldiers. But just wait, he will be there at the independence declaration.

When exactly is the declaration?

It will be very soon, I can assure you. There are plans in place for that and it will be grand as many world leaders will be invited to grace the occasion.

You are in Lagos making a living and this is part of Nigeria

Yes, I am in Lagos but once we declare our republic, I will go back home. Biafra will become another China in the next few years.

What do you think gave rise to the recent agitation for Biafra?

There is no agitation as far as I know. Biafra has been in existence even before Nigeria. All we want is to have our independence and no one should stop us.

But why can't the agitation be done legally and according to the law?

What laws? Does Nigeria have laws? Don't you see how the President flouts the law at will? When we were begging for a referendum, did anyone take us seriously? The only thing Nigeria understands is lawlessness and when we roll out our plans, they will be shocked.

There is no place in the Nigerian constitution for a referendum. Hope you know that

Even if there is no referendum in the constitution, what of the United Nations Charter on a referendum? It supersedes the Nigerian Constitution. Why have they continued to deny us what rightfully belongs to us?

How many states make up Biafra?

We have the core six Igbo states while other states in the south-south like Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Delta, Edo and Benue States are all parts of Biafra. We will reclaim those states when we get independence.

But people of those states have continued to say they do not belong to Biafra?

Those who make such statements do not know their history. Those states originally belong to Biafra and they will be reclaimed once we get the independence.

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You don't want to belong to Nigeria yet you want to force others to join you. Is that not double standards?

It is not a double standard. We know they belong to Biafra. We have our map and I can show you they are Biafran states.

So what is your job as an IPOB coordinator?

I was appointed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to help coordinate the Igbos living in Ojota, Kosofe, Ketu, Ogudu and the Iyana Oworo axis. My job is to sensitize them, hold meetings with them, prepare them for any eventuality and the upcoming independence.

But if Biafra is not achieved, what will happen?

We are not even thinking of that. We must achieve Biafra but if the Nigerian government refuses to play it cool, they will meet what they did not bargain for, mark my words.