At least 20 primary school pupils ganged up to beat their

According to a report by Daily Monitor, the incident happened in  Kitinotima Primary School in Omel Sub-county, Gulu District, Uganda.

It was further reported that the head teacher, whose name was given as Thomas Kinyera, managed to rescue with the help teachers and local leaders.

After the attack on Kinyera, he was reported to have sustained injuries to his head and lower body.

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Primary school pupils claim head teacher is incompetent and an alcoholic

The pupils had invaded Kinyera's office claiming the head teacher did not release the result of a test they did, some weeks back.

It was further reported that the pupils had also accuse Kinyera of incompetence, drinking alcohol during school hours and handing over food contributed by parents under the school feeding programme to teachers.

On the allegations, the head teacher denied all reasons given by the pupils saying the pupils demonstrated signs of indiscipline which will be curbed once he returns to the school.