At least, 31,000 women in Uganda have insisted their husbands must pay before having sexual intercourse with them.

How it all began

The entire movement began after several Ugandan women noticed their men expend their funds on alcohol than wives and immediate family.

A Ugandan national newspaper, , reports that what started out with isolated instances in the country’s capital, Kampala, has exploded into a tactic move.

It was further reported that Ugandan women are engaging in the act to get their husbands to pay up for household expenses and taking care of the immediate families.

The statistics

150 women were reported to have demanded money from their husbands for sex in 2015.

Ruth Nalugwa, the Secretary of Mothers Union, an Anglican organisation that has been in Uganda for more than a century, made the confirmation.

In a twist, most women and rights organisations in Uganda are supporting the move arguing that it gets irresponsible husbands responsible.

“If the men are irresponsible and it is the only way their wives can get money from them to run the homes, let them go ahead and tax sex,” says Tina Musuya, a leading women’s rights activist and executive director of the nonprofit Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention.

Religious and government bodies reject the movement

Ugandan religious and government bodies have rejected the movement by a large number of the wives claiming it is not only unfair but preposterous.

In his reaction, Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Reverend Father Simon Lokodo said: “Sex with his wife is a man’s right.

“Denying a husband sex is unfair. Why should wives charge for sex in order to get economic gains? The practice shows that moral fibers have gone so low,” he said.