At the City Gobal Hotel in Aba, two gay lovers have reportedly been

The attention of the police has been called to the incident which led to the arrest of six men in total.

On Thursday, the Abia State Police Commissioner Mr Anthony Ogbizi paraded Fred Ndubuisi, Anyanwu Chidera, Kamsiriochukwu Onuoha, Anderson Emeruwa, Sampson Nwadike and Nnadi Promise on suspicion of acts of homosexuality frowned at by the law in Nigeria.

It wasn't me

In a conversation with Punch News, one of the suspects Anyanwu Chidera denies being gay.

“I arrived the hotel at about 6pm and I asked my friend to book for a room for me. The hotel management said we should pay N5,000 for a room and we could afford it. So, we decided to manage that one room.

“After drinking at the hotel bar, we went to the room to change our clothes.

"It was at that time that we heard a knock on the door and when we opened the door, the manager started asking why we were six in the room.

“After explaining to him, he said they don’t allow more that three persons in a room and that was how he accused us of practising homosexuality in the room.

"There was nothing like kissing or making love in the room and we are not gays," he tells Punch.

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A hair stylist Anyanwu Chidera is reportedly responsible for bringing five others together.

Unable to find a preferred accommodation at the hotel, he opts to pay for a room which they all shared.

Chidera confirms to Punch that the group convened for his birthday party.

But the explanation might not serve any use if the manager at the City Gobal Hotel is able to present an evidence showing them in the act of homosexuality.