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This one is about the case of honesty, not reliability or unreliability. I know you have heard the quip that, ‘Top mechanics and dishonest, and quack mechanics are honest.’

I also think you might have heard about the case of personal drivers who only find schemes to extort their bosses and engage in funny frolics anytime they get the slightest freedom for errands.

It’s a funny world we live in and you can trust nobody, but as Tuface said on his 2006 song See Me So, “You don’t have to trust nobody, but you have to trust someone.”

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Dishonesty is now a norm

If you don’t let go and trust someone, you’re going to be a borderline schizophrenic that takes trust harder than it should be. However, why have we so normalized dishonesty in this country that you expect to be scammed at some point in life.

Dishonesty is now a norm. As I stepped out of the bus today, I saw a driver around Checkpoint, Victoria Island, chauffeuring a Toyota Prado, calling passengers to ‘Lekki Inside, N100.’

That car must cost N5m at least, yet you’re risking your boss’ reputation for just N600? Why would you do that?

There are other ridiculous cases of drivers who have lost their boss’ cars to robbery from doing ‘Soólè’ — unlawful commercial transportation.

In 2012, my mother was advised to start commercial transportation as it was deemed a lucrative business. The first driver was meant to deliver N5,000 a day.

Through his first three weeks, he only delivered N50,000 - He was fired. The second driver was honest in his first one month. The following two months, he kept complaining about false damages to the car.

The months into the job, the car was found on a route he wasn’t meant to be working with a damaged windscreen and destroyed tires. He was fired.

The third one was so rude, my mother sold the car a month later. For every honest driver, you have 25 dishonest ones.

It’s a norm and a regular thing.

For mechanics, their way is to create phantom problems from healthy vehicles. They will fix said phantom problems but will proceed to keep the supposedly ‘faulty parts they sought to replace’ and sell to another customer.

My cousin was nearly a victim of the same scam about 7 months ago. It is regular. For Toyota users, you have to stay woke; your shock absorber is not always faulty.

No, your car doesn’t need ‘servicing’ every four weeks. And don’t fall for that ‘faulty bushing and tile rod’ thing again, they’re likely scamming you.

It’s a cold world out here. No, your driver didn’t have a flat tire, he used your car for kabu kabu from Ibadan to Lagos. No, your car is not making any funny noise, he’s taking advantage of your innocence.

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They are selfish and greedy

At the root of it all is selfishness, greed, and lack of empathy and transparency from people who pay or will still pay your bills.

If you don’t like the salary, quit the job or talk to your boss. It’s so funny when people in this league also complain about Nigerian politicians and criticize corruption.

Is corruption ingrained or can it only be perpetrated by politicians? The problem is that they have normalized this fraud and misrepresentation that they don’t realize how wrong it is.

It’s why they don’t realize they’re as bad as the politician who embezzled national wealth for his family. National character starts with the unit of a human being.

It’s so bad that we cannot even live freely on the things we buy ourselves anymore because supposedly honest employees might ruin the experience for us.

What then is the solution?

There is no solution than to stay woke and make sure you don’t get scammed.