Amzat made the allegations in a counter statement after Zainab prayed for divorce on grounds that her life was being threatened.

“My lord, the truth is that Zainab and I fight because of her infidelity. Zainab and my close friend are romantically involved.

”She disappeared from my house for three months. She took my children away. I later found out that she took them to friend’s house.

“I caught the two of them in bed,” Amzat said.

In her earlier account, the petitioner who operates a drink joint, informed the court that her husband was threatening her life.

She alleged that he humiliates and insults me around town.

“He keeps monitoring my movements."

The president of the court, Chief Henry Agbaje, advised the couple to substantiate their claims before court.

Agbaje asked them to produce two of their relatives each in court.

He adjourned the case until Nov. 2 for judgment.