A lady likely found a guardian angel in an unknown man who gave her a sum of N10,000 monthly throughout her

The former member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) did not get an opportunity to meet with the sponsor few years after completing the mandatory exercise.

On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, she tweeted via her handle Morẹ́nikéjìmí as she addressed those who could not fathom the idea of receiving kindness.

God is good

Some of her followers were of the opinion that the goodwill she enjoyed from her association with the mystery man was an act of God.

Different stories of rare favour were submitted to emphasize that the kindness was deliberate and destined.

"God used him as a tool to bless you financially for a specific period. God manifests to us in many forms but sometimes we are too busy to observe. God bless that dude for me," writes a profile Wilson Shadrach.

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The conviction he showed is different from other commenters who suspected something fishy.

This was however dismissed as a superstition said to be one of Africa's problem.

Two observers justified this in their responses.