In order to avoid detectives of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Kolkata, India, a Nigerian woman reportedly hid 12 grams of cocaine in her

The suspect David Blessing is 31 years old according to the Hindustani Times.

She was arrested on Monday at an airport in Kolkata.

Dilip Kumar Srivastava the Narcotics Control Bureau’s eastern zone regional director confirmed that Blessing smuggled 12 grams of cocaine from Mumbai.

It is an uncommon trick for Srivastava who mentioned that none of his colleagues have ever experienced such a case of drug trafficking.

“This is one of the rarest of rare events where narcotics were being smuggled by hiding them inside the uterus. Neither I nor any of my senior colleagues have ever heard of such an incident.

“The presence of narcotics inside the uterus was detected through the X-ray machines at the airport. However, we doubt that additional quantities of narcotics are hidden in other parts of her body.

“She has been taken to a hospital, where other tests such as ultrasonography would be conducted to trace those. She will undergo surgery to take out the concealed drugs,” Dilip Kumar Srivastava revealed in a chat with the Hindustani Times.

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The Nigerian had no prior record of crime until the incident but now authorities are looking closely to determine if she is a legal migrant.