Speaking with Punch News, Erinoluwa Akinmoladun, said that he told his dad about a problem with the structure when he visited their home in the morning on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, the day the accident occurred.

However, he could not confirm if an action was taken to deal with the situation. Forty out of a possible 110 primary school students have been rescued from the debris of the collapsed building.

“When I came home this morning, as I was walking on the staircase, I observed the building was giving signs of weakness and I told my father about it.

"But I couldn’t wait to know if he took any action because I left home in a hurry to attend to other things. I left my father and sisters at home," Erinoluwa Akinmoladun told Punch News in a chat.

Most of the people that formed the crowd at the crash site wanted a glimpse of a boy that was rescued from ruins that also caused 10 persons to lose their lives.

He could not also confirm the condition of his family members, his dad and two sisters, who were at home when he checked in prior to the wreckage.

In a video interview captured by Punch, Akinmoladun shared that the house was under the management of a developer who was also overseeing an upgrade of the clustered building.

The anxiety that filled the accident scene subsided into excitement when the crowd spotted a little boy that was rescued from the devastating ruins that has also led to the death of 10 people according to the BBC.