In Katsina, Nigeria, a man named Aliyu Yahuza, has been reported dead following a bulletproof charm mishap. He died after consuming a mixture prepared to protect him from dying in the event of a gun attack.

Unluckily for him, his dependence on the condiments offered by a native doctor, Usman Saidu, failed him. The latter who assured him of protection as soon as he ingests a substance given to him has been arrested according to Punch News.

A police inspector Sani Ado who confirmed the incident disclosed that the deceased died after receiving to his chest, a bullet discharged from a Dane gun. An attempt to revive him at a hospital failed to materialize according to the police spokesperson.

“Saidu was given a dane gun to test the reliability of the charm, but when he fired a shot at Yahuza’s chest, he fell down and died on the spot. The victim was taken to the General Hospital, Dustinma, where he was confirmed dead by doctors," he said.

Saidu is expected to be held in prison until Thursday, February 22, 2018, when a Magistrate court is able to put him on trial. He was reportedly charged with criminal conspiracy and culpable murder.

Criminals and 'juju'

Exploring 'juju' as a means as a solution to a challenge is a common practice in Nigeria, an African country with an appreciation for fetish dealings.

Being a society that gives special attention to spirituality, many of its citizens have bestowed a strong hope on 'juju' but have found that it can be unreliable.

In their hope to appear formidable, individuals who engage in violent and criminal behaviour have relied on a use of charm in a bid to accomplish their plans.

The Badoo cult reputed for their killing spree in Ikorodu, Lagos, is an example of patronizers of occultic dealings but the police seems to be on the ascendancy in the battle to conquer the group.

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A herbalist, Fatai Adebayo, who reportedly prepares 'juju' for members of the notorious cult group Badoo responsible for the deaths of a number of people in Ikorodu.

Adebayo who is also known as Alese was apprehended at his shrine in Imosan village, located around Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.