A pastor allegedly died after falling in his church while preaching with outrageous energy.

According to an Instagram user identified as @NsemWoKrom who posted a video of the incident on the social media platform, the pastor died as a result of the fall and a postmortem has revealed that he had “high blood pressure and was diabetic”.

“Pastor dies when preaching.

“Postmortem show he has high blood pressure and was diabetic. He didn't even know,” the user captioned the video.

The video shows the man of God moving from one end of the auditorium to the other, preaching the salvation message to an attentive congregation amidst cheers and a standing ovation.

At a point during the preaching, the man of God is seen taking a seat and repeatedly mentioning the name of Jesus before falling on the ground.

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Some alarmed church members are also seen gathering around him to ascertain what was the problem with him, while other congregants remained seated, apparently out ignorance about the situation.

May his soul rest in peace.