A young man who was seen wandering towards a railway at a train station has been saved by a slap in

In a video posted on Twitter, the subject who wore a white shirt, got captured while drawing near a moving train in a manner too close for comfort.

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This inspired a slap from a passenger whose palms surfaced out of nowhere. The action successfully distracted the man who quickly adjusted his position.

Shouts from other train station passengers rented the air following the unexpected hit.

Phone addiction ends life of female NYSC member killed by train in Lagos

Debbie, a female member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), has been killed following a distraction caused by an earphone.

The deceased who was crushed by a train later gave up the ghost while receiving treatment at a hospital.

The incident occurred on Thursday, March 8, 2018, while the victim was walking on a railway in Ikeja, Lagos.

Sounds of warning offered by observers had failed to alert Debbie who seemed fully engrossed in her operation of a mobile phone.

"We lost the corps member just now. I heard the neurosurgeon and the orthopaedic doctors said they would conduct further investigations on her. But regrettably we lost her," announces Prince Mohammed Momoh, who is the state coordinator of the NYSC.

It was gathered that the deceased was most likely listening to loud music which prevented her from observing an approaching train.