Pastor Humble Okoro of the Joy Christian Church, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, appears ready to deliver radio presenter, Daddy Freeze of a bunch of demons he claimed to have possessed the latter.

The clergyman who is also known as the made the announcement via a poster published on Instagram. It included details of an anticipated meeting which was set to hold at the Abuja National Stadium on any day desired by the OAP.

It seemed like a joke to some IG users while others discouraged Daddy Freeze from accepting the invitation claiming the pastor is fetish.

"@daddyfreeze pls run from all dis babalawo, they up for something. Don’t say I didn’t warn you," an Instagram account owner with the profile name "xcel_b_thyname" wrote.

Some doubted if the confident man of God can engage the presenter in an intellectual discussion related to Christendom.

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Is Daddy Freeze truly possessed by 52 demons?

The intention of Okoro has been made quite clear. He wants to be prove to Nigerians that the OAP is indeed possessed by 52 demons. He previously made the assertion in an interview with Street TV where he was quoted:

“This young man use to insult pastors- they call him Daddy Freeze. That fair boy! That boy is not normal! I saw about 52 demons inside him. I can help him!”

Daddy Freeze has come under attack mostly from church ministers for his eye opening but condemned preaching against tithing which he considers a brainwashing strategy to milk Christians of their hard earned money.

He condemned the fact that some clergymen live a life of affluence while their congregation lavish in penury.