It is easier than you think. You don't need to spend a fortune on getting them the needed materials.

All you need are everyday items around the house. Examples of such materials are crayons, glitter, glue, strings. The advantage of this is that it develops creativity in kids.

Here are some awesome craft ideas you can explore.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

1. Tissue box monster: This is done by creating a monster with a big set of white teeth using a tissue box. The hole will serve as the mouth. Your kids will surely enjoy the process of making it and painting it.

What you need

1. Old tissue boxes

2. Googly eyes

3. Paint

4. Glue

1. Remove any plastic inner lining in the tissue box before you start.

2. Let the kids choose the colours they want to use to paint the monster box. Paint the outside of the tissue box with white first to prime the box and it also ensures the design of the tissue box doesn’t show through the paint.

3. Once dry, paint the outside of the tissue box the colours chosen by the kids, and paint the inside a different color.

4. Outline around the opening “mouth” of the monster with a black marker to make the mouth pop more.

5. Glue 2 small googly eyes on the box above the mouth.

6. Cut out large teeth from paper or white cardstock. Glue the teeth to the inside of the tissue box mouth. You can always turn it to a game by feeding the monster full in a minute by tossing in tiny toy animals or M &Ms. The first person to finish wins.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

2. Glitter jar: You need a jar and some glitters. Make them fill the jar with glitters and a bit of colorful liquid. This illuminates the jar and makes it colorful. Make them shake it for more glitters.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

3. Paper planes: It can be made from papers by folding it. The fun is in throwing it and making it fly. Try adding challenges to make it interesting. This can be done by creating targets for the planes to fly through it.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

4. Tie and dye shirts: Use dyes of different colors for shirts. Let them come up with unique styles and designs for their shirts. You can ensure the winner gets a treat. That way they take it seriously.

Here’s what you’ll need:

White Shirts – 100% cotton white shirts work best

Rubber bands – lots and lots! You’ll need between 2-8 per shirt.

Gloves – latex gloves work the best and are much better than the thin and oversized plastic gloves that come in the kits.

Old clothes to wear while tie-dyeing – Accidents may occur while dyeing. Make sure you are wearing clothes you no longer have the need for.

Plastic bags – at least one per shirt plus one large trash bag to hold all of the shirts. Recycled plastic grocery bags work well, but since they often contain small holes in the bottom, I highly recommend using two bags per shirt and double bagging them.

What to do

Pre-wash the white shirts and leave them damp. Fold and rubber band your shirts as desired (some examples of folding techniques and instructions are below). After folding, mix up the bottles of dye.

Note: Dye is more potent in the first one hour after mixing, so do not mix up your dye until you’re ready to use them!

Put wire racks under the shirts so excess dye can drain off. pour the dye onto the shirts and let the excess dye drip off for a minute, before wrapping the shirt tightly in a plastic bag. Repeat this process till all the shirts have been dyed and safely stored in plastic bags. Keep away somewhere warm for 24 hours. It’s important to let the dye have that time and heat to penetrate the fibers and stay vibrant!

Carefully cut off the rubber bands and rinse the excess dye from the shirts with cold water. Dry after rinsing.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

5. Paper jellyfish: Paper plates and yarn painted in different colors are needed to achieve this craft. Once you have fixed the long yarn on the paper plate, use glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint.

Creative craft ideas for kids
Creative craft ideas for kids

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