According to NAN, Abiodun, was first arraigned and convicted of killing Wale by stabbing him in the throat and stomach on Oct. 6, 2015.

Justice Raliatu Adebiyi, said all the necessary ingredients to secure a conviction for murder had been established convicting Abiodun, and prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

The judge claims that the convict might have been acting strangely to get a favourable sentence from the court, as he was acting strange during the court ruling.

Convicting Abiodun, the judge said: “Abiodun Allen is hereby found guilty of the murder of his brother Wale Allen, I so hold.”

Following his conviction, Abiodun's counsel, Mrs Y. A Ajayi told the court that she was not going to plea for mercy on behalf of her defendant.

Sentencing the convict, Justice Adebiyi noted that Section 221 gives a mandatory death sentence and does not give the court discretionary powers while meting out the sentence.

Abiodun Allen having been found guilty of murder is hereby sentenced to death. May God the giver of life, have mercy on your soul,” she said.

Upon hearing the sentence, Abiodun remained speechless as he left the dock to be escorted by prison officials.

According to NAN, Abogunrin, during the trial had testified before the court that Abiodun was notorious in the community for ingesting illegal substances, beating up people and indiscriminately killing animals.

Abogunrin, who is the landlord to the Allen family, said that he caught Abiodun dragging the body of the deceased to the bush behind their residence in the early hours of the morning of the incident to secretly bury it.

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He alleged Wale woke him up and started saying that he was going to kill him if he was not careful.

“He got up angrily and took up a broken bottle which he kept beside him and stabbed him in the throat.

“While Wale lay dying, the convict allegedly told Wale that he must die before him because he has been threatening him for over two years,” he said.

The prosecution, led by Mrs O. R Ahmed-Muili, said that the convict committed the offence at 11p.m. on Feb. 20, 2013 at Imudo Village, Oto Awori, Lagos.