A man took to Facebook to share his experience at a General Hospital in Lagos state, and its bound to leave you speechless.

In the post that he shared on social media, the man revealed how he got to the point of beating up a man whose wife had just died.

Shocked yet? Allow us to explain.

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The man whose name on Facebook is Ajayi Afolabi revealed that he was at a general hospital in Lagos when a heavily pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital.

Few minutes after she was taken to the theatre, the Doctor in charge returned to inform the husband that his wife was short of blood and in need of blood transfusion.

The husband reportedly told the doctor that they had been informed of the situation at a previous hospital but he had refused to sign the documents because they were Jehovah's witness and it would be a sin.

Unfortunately, after pleading with her husband to save her life and allow the transfusion, the pregnant woman died before she could be transferred to LUTH.

As some may have reacted, Mr Afolabi who had been observing the situation finally lost his temper after hearing that the baby had been lost too.

Read his post below and see his reaction:

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There have been many other cases where lives have been lost when they could have been saved and and religion was to blame for it.

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Jehovah's Witness: An extremist religion?

Jehovah's Witnesses has been recently labelled an 'extremist organisation' in Russia.

This ruling was passed after six days of hearings by the Supreme Court after the Russian Justice Ministry filed a lawsuit in order to shut down the group’s national headquarters near St Petersburg.

Reacting to this judgement, the press office for the Russian branch said, “Extremism is deeply alien to the Bible-based beliefs and morality of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

“Persecution of the faithful for peaceful anti-extremism legislation is built on frank fraud, incompetent individual ‘experts’ and, as a result, a miscarriage of justice.”

Although the judgement has already been passed, we can not help but wonder if the religious organisation really deserves to be labelled as such.

As unfair as the situation may seem, many of such cases have been recorded where lives were lost in a bid to preserve the doctrines of a particular religion.

How true is this assertion?

An extremist has been defined as "someone who supports an idea, cause or set of values so adamantly and without compromise that said person will use their ideas to justify anything they do."

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By this definition, aren't we all some form of extremists? As Christians, we are told to hold dearly to our beliefs regardless of what others say. In fact, the Bible encourages being persecuted for our faith.

How would you have responded to the situation?