While an innocent 11-year old girl walked back from school, she was accosted by Adam-Seth Walter, a man with a history of sexual assault and violent crimes on Essex road, Woolbridge, England.

Walter threatened her innocent mind with possession of a firearm. According to Fox 5, He grabbed her and she offered little to no effective resistance. Although a 34-year old woman saw it all go down and attempted to intervene, Walter dragged the woman into her house and assaulted her, leaving her injured.

Walter then ran down the street and rape the fragile girl in a backyard at Cumberland drive. However, while he ran from the scene, Walter was caught on video. He was later arrested in the vicinity after police established a palpable narrative.

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He has been charged with aggravated sexual battery, rape, sodomy and abduction with the intent to defile. He also faces robbery, burglary and other gun-related charges — for implying possession of a firearm and attacking the woman in her home.

On Wednesday, Walter appeared in court, but the matter got adjourned till December 12.