A beautiful lady who thought she was outsmarting others at an event by picking pieces of meat placed on a table and placing them in her handbag has her ‘shameful’ act trending on social media.

Unknown to her, although she successfully outsmarted some people at the event, the camera was not escapable.

A trending Twitter video shows a certain young man sitting at the table with her figuring out her shenanigan, but she had put most of the meat inside the handbag she strategically hid in-between her thighs.

Interestingly, the young man who spotted him 'stealing' the meat chose to mind his own business.

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The video also shows her fellow 'slay queen' seated by her, serving as the watch-woman who watches around before prompting her to pick the meat.

Well, maybe, the next time they intend to play such a smart game, they should watch out to ensure the cameras are not rolling.

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