Many reports on social media have confirmed the capture of some persons caught in the act. There is usually an element of naivety observed in them after a lynch mob must have laid hands on them.

Often times, their confessions during an interrogation, have suggested that they aren't entirely in control of the process.

Except on rare occasions, most of the suspects that have been caught have shared that the underthings found with them were to be delivered to a superior person who can be the pastor of a church.


In Ondo State, a 25-year-old panel beater, Adejoh Ojonugwa, is suspected of taking his sister-in-law's underwear to deliver to Prophet Olajide Ogunleye of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Vanguard News gathered that the panel beater visited the clergyman for counseling about difficulty in making a living.

A man deals with the pain that has followed some pummeling by a mob that caught him with stolen underwear.

At the meeting, the prophet reportedly gave him a mixture that made him lose control of his actions. In his description, it seemed like being held under a spell.

Now that he is in police custody, the mind control seemed to have waned.

"I had visited the prophet to pray for me because of my work and how to get rich.

"After checking my palm, he told me there were ways out but asked me to swallow some concoction and prayed for me but asked me to look for ladies pants and underwear.

"But when I got home I didn’t know what I was doing again and l started looking for pants and underwear. I found three of my sister’s pants and l went to my brother’s house where l took two of my sister-in-law’s pants," Ojonugwa shared in a report published by Vanguard on Sunday, February 10, 2019.

His claim of innocence or lack of control in the weird event have been brought to question following a counter-claim by his sibling Benjamin Ojonugwa. The wife of the latter was confirmed as one of the people targeted by the suspect.

Police confident of solving the mystery

The Ondo State Police Command is trying to get a grip on the situation. One that seems tricky to analyse.

Its spokesperson, Mr. Femi Joseph confirmed to Vanguard that the force has found Adejoh's confession to be difficult to agree with.

Joseph thinks the mystery will be solved -- the command will make sure of it.

"We are baffled and shocked to discover that during the time he lost his senses, the next thing for him to do was to begin to pick women underwear.

"We think the story is too good to be true. That is why we are engaging him.

"We will further dig into the matter to know what he actually wanted to do with the ladies pants. Once we know what he wanted to do, he will face the consequences."

A pastor has been disgraced by a mob that caught him with a bag full of female underwear.

Theft of undies equal to attempted murder?

Many of the episodes reported on social media have happened mainly in the southeast and southwest region of Nigeria. The nuisance started late in the year 2018, and has become a concern for young women especially.

Since it became a trend, a bunch of them have shared in many social media posts that they shall be burning their intimate things after use.

Those caught in the act of stealing them may see the charge brought against them elevated to an attempt at murder.

"Henceforth anyone caught stealing pants might not be charged for stealing but attempted murder," says a police spokesperson Dolapo Badmos who shared in an Instagram post on Saturday, January 5, 2019.