Former Deputy Governor of Ondo State Alhaji Lasisi Oluboyo wants an unforgettable punishment for

His desire made known in a Punch News report confirms earlier rumours concerning the deceased whose corpse was found under the bed of her trusted lover.

The police have made arrests in connection to what appears to be a ritual murder.

Oluboyo hopes this incident can be used as a deterrent to other money-seeking youths.

Speaking to Punch News after learning about the death of his daughter, the former Ondo state executive explained that his family became worried following strange responses when they tried to reach her.

Prior to the discovery of her corpse, Adenike a student of the Adekunle Ajasin University had been declared missing for six days by her loved ones.

She was unusually mute after her dad sent money for her upkeep.

“Somebody called us that she was missing on Monday, July 2, 2018, and we got in touch with her friends in the school.

“I had sent her money on previous Friday; the usual thing is that when she got bank alert, she would call me back to thank me. But I did not get any response from her that day.

“On Monday, we called her number and we did not get through. We got a text that the phone was not good and that she would call back," Alhaji Lasisi Oluboyo told Punch.

It appears there is no border for youths who are deep in their desire to get money.

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Wealth seeker uses sister's son for money rituals

A Yahoo boy has been apprehended for using his nephew for money rituals. The wealth seeker was caught in the act in Ikoyi, Lagos, according to a Facebook user.

In a picture, Tunde Owolabi, also known as 'Money Talks', was captured in handcuffs as he crouched beside the corpse of a little boy reportedly 7 years old.

The image was provided in a post shared by Odueko Olumide John who expressed shock concerning the incident.

A grave-looking Owolabi had a look of intent as he tilted his neck sideways as if paying attention to a more serious reality.

"What a wicked world. Luck ran out of another Yahoo big boy named Tunde Owolabi ( aka Money Talks) caught using his elder sister's 7-year-old son for money rituals in Ikoyi, Lagos State," writes John.

It is becoming rampant, occurrences that have seen impatient money lovers use their family members for wealth rituals.

In Nigeria, the situation appears to be money overshadowing the dwindling presence of love.