Ramadan 2020 is coming to a close. Heck, let’s just say it’s over. At the time of writing, there is only one day of fast left to navigate. We were wondering how Muslims are feeling after what is undoubtedly the most unusual Ramadan seasons they’ve ever had to power through. So we reached out and this is what we heard from 7 of them:


It actually felt quite fast. And to think that I thought it’d be slow because there are no activities to engage in. It wasn’t bad for me sha. Been home with the family and I’ve had good food to eat. Personally, I was able to do more this year cos of the time I had in my hands. So because there was no time spent in traffic and work and all, I got to spend time with God more. So more prayers basically and better chow. I actually asked God for stability, man. A great job, more funds from side hustles and an amazing woman to marry. And off course COVID to fuck off.


For me, this year's fasting has been really great. I was able to do more compared to other years. Previous years, I spent my midnight anchoring a show on TV and my day time, running a 9-5, but this year, I was really able to do more. Though I also miss the mosque especially during this last 10 days. But we move! Generally, it's been fun.


I am looking forward to the end of Ramadan. Because of what I go through in the market every time I come to work, fasting does not help at all. Other than that, nothing else. But due to my own work o, the fast stresses me. I am always dehydrated and all because of the sun.

But for me, the peculiarity of this year’s Ramadan was a blessing in disguise. During Ramadan, there are a lot of things you are meant to be doing, but due to coronavirus this time, you have more time. I found out that I was able to read the Quran more, pray more and easily do the things I’m meant to do during the fast. This is actually my best Ramadan ever. My spirituality actually went up a notch.

You know what’s funny, I actually spent time in this Ramadan praying for my height to increase but I know what would never happen. I was hoping my genotype would change, too, but I know that won’t happen either. One of my other prayer points has come to fruition already. Alhamdulillah. I also prayed for a wife. Lol.


I think I feel quite indifferent at its end because for me, Ramadan is such a beautiful month you don't want to let go but it has to. However, fasting at a time like this is somehow. You're not able to take advantage of some of the moments you have to gain rewards because of lockdown.


Thank God it's coming to an end. That's all I can say honestly. Sitting at home while fasting this year made it difficult. If we were at work, it'd have been easy to get your mind fixed on work and ignore the hunger. Thank God they lifted lockdown mid-way through sha. The boredom and hunger of the early days was becoming overpowering.


There's no significant change for me really, except that this is the first Ramadan in which I've had to cook in the morning myself. Career upliftment, long and healthy life. To heal the world of this plague.


I’ll actually miss Ramadan because for me, the season is actually beyond the fast. It’s not necessarily about not eating or not drinking. I mean, on a normal day, I can go hours without eating. Even up till nighttime. So it’s beyond the food. It’s more about the reward, the spirituality of it, the family time, and time alone with God. The rewards of the holy month are like 10 times multiplied compared to the acts of worship you do on a normal day.

Of course, this year’s Ramadan has been weird sha because the season normally has a lot of acts of worship done in groups but this year, there has been none of that because we could not go to the mosque, had to do everything in our homes.

I asked for a number of personal things. But I can tell you that by this time next year I want to be married. And yeah, I prayed about it.

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