The man only referred to as Mr P in Rimini, Italy, was released from the hospital Thursday, March 26, after recovering from the coronavirus.

He was reported by CNN to have been among the oldest people on record to survive the virus, believed to be far more deadly for the elderly.

The Deputy Mayor of Rimini, Italy Gloria Lisi, described Mr P’s recovery as extraordinary, saying it gives hope for the future.

“The family brought him home yesterday evening,” Lisi told Italian publication Rimini Today. “To teach us that even at 101 years, the future is not written.”

The man born in 1919 obviously has a strong immune system as he is reported to have also survived the Spanish flu pandemic, which killed between 20 and 50 million people around the world.

According to Italy’s National Institute of Health, nearly 86% of deaths in the country were patients older than 70 years old, and that’s what made Mr P’s survival amazing.

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Well, he is not the only elderly person to have survived the COVID-19. A103-year-old woman Zhang Guangfen who lives in Wuhan, China, where the virus is believed to have originated from.

She was admitted to hospital in early March 2020 and was discharged a week later. Also, on Thursday, March 26, a 97-year-old female coronavirus patient from Cheongdo, a city not far from Daegu, which has seen the worst of South Korea’s coronavirus outbreak was also discharged from the hospital.