Technology aided health solution startup Mediosa is attempting to bridge the gap between accessible healthcare and convenience.

Inspired by his own personal experiences trying to run some medical tests back in school, the founder Anapuwa Michael resolved to leverage the growing online market space to set up Mediosa.

Mediosa is offering an alternative to the long hours spent on queues in trying to access medical care.

Pulse reaches out to Michael for more insight into Mediosa.

What inspired this brilliant idea?

During my early days in Babcock University, I wanted to go do a medical checkup but there was no easy or any organized system available. I had to dig in further and then I found out that are even more problems in the healthcare sector. Issues such as the quality of medical laboratories around, high cost of medical tests due to doctors’ referral charges, no channel for easy access of critical healthcare services unlike those that are available in other sectors like ecommerce. Also, people find it difficult visiting hospitals/laboratories due to heavy jams and long wait hours. That was when I knew I had to start working on a solution.

We built the platform (Mediosa) so that people can easily discover prices and then book laboratory tests and health packages online. A trained professional is assigned to each user (patient) who then visits them at the location and time they filled in during the booking process. The professional then collects their samples (blood and urine) and then delivers at a partner laboratory for analysis. Test results are sent back to the patients within 24 to 48 hours after sample collection.

What plans do you have for those who are not yet privileged to tap into the online space?

A SMS/ USSD portal is already in the works. Our aim is to ensure that people can book laboratory tests and health packages anywhere and anytime they want to. We are also working on leveraging existing solutions such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc., so that they can easily send in prescriptions from their doctors.

How far do you plan on extending the coverage?

We are presently covering Lagos and Abuja. We will be expanding to other states soon.

How are you handling challenges such as with logistics which is a major hurdle to cross in e-commerce?

Logistics is one of the biggest headaches we are having right now. But we are already bringing in more trained professionals to help with sample collection and upgrading our systems to make the whole process faster and more efficient.

We are also making strides towards raising funds to meet the business needs.

Are there future plans to also make available booking of consultants on the platform?

We currently have no plans for that.

What happens after the test result is delivered? Is there a follow-up plan to connect patients who may need to see a consultant for further attention?

We have in-house specialists who contact patients after results are delivered.

Thank you for your time. We hope those that need this convenient solution would give this a try and be satisfied with your platform’s initiative.

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