Over the years, we have seen brands with great potentials fold up, with the excuse that the brand’s products is not marketable in a certain location or the people in a particular region do not value and patronize the product.

Well there is no such thing as ‘’. The only term that destroys businesses is ‘Bad marketing strategy’.

Every business has its own strategy, you can’t be in a shoe business and your brand strategy is that of a food vendor. The result of this marketing mishap will be ‘failure’.

RDM brings to you 6 tips to on how to make your brand’s content marketable.

1. Know you audience

In several cases some Nigerian businesses complain that Nigerians do not patronize locally made goods, this statement is 100% true. Now take it from this angle, if your customers prefer European shoes, then make it a point of duty to study and research the European shoe market.

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Are they interested in quality, creativity and or product experience? This research will give you a broad understanding of why they prefer European shoes to locally made shoes.

2. Draft a game plan

What is your game plan??? The next thing on the list is creating visual and written campaigns that blends into what you learnt in your market survey. The Coca Cola share a Coke campaign is one of the most successful campaigns in Nigeria, this is because it was well researched, and the target market was well surveyed.

RDM produces top quality, engaging contents for brands in writing, pictures and video to enhance communication between a brand and its audience.

3. Have an audience friendly website

A user friendly website is your best bet. A website that is easy to navigate, and even easier to get information, a platform with a beautiful quality appearance and an awesome interactive experience is your best bet.

RDM can help you engage users, your products, services and more in a dedicated setting

4. Content must be interesting and engaging

No 'd' should be your theme, it's either you are educating your audience or you are entertaining them. The truth is no matter the demographic of your target audience, they will stay glued to your content only for 2reasons, if it is entertaining or educative.

5. Utilize social media

One of the major ways to make your brand relevant is through social media. It is a medium that enhances brand and audience communications, ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram etc.

This can also make your market research easier. From daily trends, you can understand the paradigm shift of thinking in your audience, the keywords that now attract your audience.

6. Hire a Digital Marketing Firm

Doing all of the above mentioned strategies without a digital marketing pro is like being 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards. NO Results.

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Article written by Adeyinka Ogunlami

This is a feature by RDM