Do you have an Android smartphone but want the feel of an iPhone?

If you do, you have come to the right place.

There are launchers for Android that lets you transform your phone to look like an iOS where the Google Play icon becomes the App Store logo while the Chrome icon becomes a iOS 7 Safari logo and so much more.

Of course it's all very superficial, but you’ll be getting the best of both worlds, the Android operating system and Apple interface.

Here are launchers and applications that’ll help you accomplish the Android- iPhone effect:

1. Espier Launcher:  Is one app that can give your Android's interface the look and feel of an iPhone. The icons are  similar to the iPhone's, and their sizes, layout and text are customizable. You can also create folders and swipe to access toolbars. Widgets and shortcuts are still functional.

2. JbOS7 :   Will make your homescreen and lockscreen look like the iOS 7, but includes two uniquely designed pages for the Weather and Calendar apps. It's available as a Dropbox download and is optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

3. Fake iPhone 5 Launcher: If you are not a huge fan of the iOS7 you can opt for Fake iPhone 5. The app mimics both the iPhone 5 and the 4S. According to the developer, this app works best with the Samsung Galaxy series,unfortunately all icons are not functional.

4. iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD : Provides a nearly flawless imitation of iOS 7's gorgeous parallax lock screen, complete with Control Center toolbar. This will only change your phone's lock screen, so combine it with another launcher to get the full iOS 7 effect.

5. A.I Type Keyboard :  Transforms your keypad into a convincing faux-iOS keyboard as well.  The keyboard looks and feels like you’re using an iPhone.  it also comes with some powerful typo correction and word prediction features as well.