Hassan Abiodun, a legislative aide to deputy speaker, Yusuf Lasun is dead.

According to his colleagues, Abiodun died over the failure of the National Assembly management to promptly pay his monthly salary.

Abiodun who died as a result of appendix rupture died due to lack of funds to undergo a surgical operation.

Addressing journalists at the National Assembly on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Allen Chongo said Abiodun needed N165,000 for the surgery.

The legislative aides are also protesting the failure of the management to sponsor their quarterly training.

His words: “We are here this morning to protest the death of our colleague who passed on precisely Friday last week, his death is as a result of the fact that our entitlement and salaries have not been paid.

“He actually had a ruptured appendicitis because of lack of funds to go to the hospital, he was actually waiting for salaries to be paid for him to go to the hospital because of the delay in the payment of salaries, he passed on.

“So we as his colleagues we gathered to mourn him today and let the national assembly management that we are not happy over what happened and then they should also ensure that our salaries and entitlement are paid and salaries be paid promptly.

“Most at times, month ends and we don't get paid till second, third week of the other month.

“Salaries have been delayed for a month now, it has been a constant policy that every end of the month which is natural that we collect our salaries, we don't get that until the second third week of the next month.

“As I talk to you right now, most of our colleagues have not been paid salaries, some of them stated getting as yesterday, but some of us, like me personally have not been paid.

“The problem is with the management, I think is a deliberate policy that they suffer us and make sure they thwart our effort.

“We have been dialoguing with the management and every time they tell us that they are looking into it. And up till now, nothing has been done. And you can see the result of it, losing our colleague.

“We also pray that our accounts be removed from bank because we think they are part of the people causing this delay in payment of our salaries,” he added.

Addressing journalists shortly after the protest, Sani Onogu, spokesman to Senate President, said Senator Bukola Saraki has summoned the management of National Assembly over the matter.