Constructed over 30 years ago, the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos

Like everything else, the bridge requires periodic maintenance work and checks. *Sigh*.

The bridge will be closed to traffic for 3 days (beginning from Thursday, August 23 to Monday, August 27) for maintenance checks, and understandably, Lagosians are all up in their feelings.

Here’s a quick guide on how to survive the disruption the closure of the 3rd mainland bridge will throw up:

1. Work remotely

Working from the office will become extinct in a few years, especially in over-populated cities like Lagos.

The internet is making the world a lot smaller and closer by the day and now is the time for Lagosians to experiment with the remote work concept. In the future, you will only be stepping out when it's absolutely necessary.

Office bosses can actually ask staff to work from home by purchasing them data packages to last a few days. The benefit here is that staff won’t have to burn all those hours sitting in endless traffic when they can start working remotely from home as early as 7am.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

2. You don’t have to drive until the bridge is re-opened

Yeah, like park the darn car for a change!

Let’s face it: driving in Lagos is a nightmare at the best of times. Driving in Lagos when the freest route in the city has been taken off the options, will be hell.

Yes, public buses are rickety and stinking, but driving apps like Taxify, Oga Taxi and Uber are thankfully still a thing. There are also motorbike apps for a bit of adrenaline ride to the Island and back.

And when all else fails, ride with a friend.

3. You really don’t have to visit friends and babes this weekend

Here’s the thing—driving to the Island during the weekends and vice versa could still be chaotic because we have the articulated trucks clogging alternative routes in the city, from Ikorodu road to Apapa-Oshodi expressway (PS: these guys are a real menace).

You may want to ditch that nite club and routine visit to the bestie this weekend. You won’t die.

4. Shop where you are

You can actually shop right where you are for a change. There’s no point risking that visit to your favorite shopping arcade until the bridge is reopened.

Inner city roads will be clogged as well, as folks try to look for the best route possible. If I were you, I’d shop at the Mallam’s kiosk down the street and sit this one out for a while.

It will be over in a few days.

5. Ditch the cinemas for the football on cable TV

Now this is me until the bridge is yanked open on Monday.

Don’t judge me.

Plus, there’s plenty of canned beer just down Iya Funke and enough petrol in the generator to last 3 days.


PS: The bridge may be closed for two months for major repairs sometime soon. All the rules here will still apply. Meaning, keep this piece archived.