The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has accused the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) of exhibiting Boko Haram tendencies.

CESJET in a statement issued by its director, Joyce Adamu on Wednesday, 12, 2016 alleged that the IMN might be affiliated with terrorist groups such as ISIS and Hezbollah.

The group advised all state governments to immediately place a ban on the Shiiteminority sect.

“We demand that all other states, relying on the constitution and following the example of Kaduna state, immediately proscribe the IMN and outlaw its activities including processions that its members now use to launch attacks on Nigerians," she said.

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"An outright ban across all states is especially in the north because IMN has started to exhibit the tendencies of Boko Haram terrorist group and might be affiliating with other foreign terrorist groups such as ISIS and Hezbollah. Our concern is that their foreign sponsors might be secretly arming them.

"Our appeal is that security agencies must shake off the blackmail mounted by international NGOs on behalf of IMN to do their work and go after trouble makers. Fanatics cannot be allowed to make the country ungovernable simply because their international allies keep throwing the threat of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the faces of those entrusted with the safety of Nigerians.

“The security agencies should unravel the source of police uniform as well as the dangerous and sophisticated weapons found with the Shiites in Kaduna, Funtua and Katsina state during the violence," she added.

Meanwhile, youths in Kaduna state have allegedly burnt down the home of an IMN leader.