This happens in Ogun State where the pupil Aisha AbdulAleem is suing the principal of her school identified as Mrs. Kushimo and the government in a joint suit.

According to the Daily Post News in a report published on Saturday, December 22, 2018, the litigant opens the case through her father Mr. Muhammad AbdulAleem.

In the report, the pupil claims denial of "access to education on account of directive of the state government for non-usage of Hijab in public schools in the state".

This is contained in the law suit filed through her counsel, Olusoji Odutan.

At the Ogun State High Court, Abeokuta, where the case was heard, the Ogun State Government, the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, the Commissioner at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, are part of the defendants summoned during a hearing.

Religious bickering?

The dad, Mr. Muhammad AbdulAleem mentions in an affidavit posted at the court of a rule given by the missionaries who established Gateway Junior Secondary School, restricting Muslims from representing their religion.

He confirms this knowledge from a conversation with school principal Mrs. Kushimo. This is after the pupil's claim that she was sent home by her class teacher.

Her father notes this in a court document.

"The problem, however, started when the claimant was refused access into her classroom by her class teacher because she was wearing her Hijab.

"That upon the claimant being sent home from school by her class teacher (one Mr Shoremi E.O), I went to meet the principal of the school on Monday the 24th day of September, 2018 to ascertain what was happening. That it was during this meeting that the principal informed me that the laws establishing the school do not allow or permit Muslim students to wear hijab to school," Mr. Muhammad AbdulAleem is quoted.

The use of Hijabs in schools is a subject of sentiments in most states in Nigeria.
The use of Hijabs in schools is a subject of sentiments in most states in Nigeria.

Intimidation from teachers

The concerned dad argues that his daughter has a right to study at the school irrespective of any law because she sat and passed entry requirement just like her peers.

A feeling of unjust treatment motivates Mr. AbdulAleem to file a suit on behalf of the child who was reportedly maltreated by her teachers.

"The little girl was trying to explain to her that her father has seen the VP on this issue when another female teacher came from behind to jerk the hijab off her head.

"This led me to seek counselling from legal practitioners and informed the Commissioner for Education at the ninth week that I have been moved to the wall," he says in the report by Daily Post.

If the outcome of the law suit goes in favour of 9-year-old Aisha AbdulAleem, she will be allowed to wear her Hijab without an issue to deal with.

Just like in Lagos where the government is making efforts to allow students access to learning in a comfortable environment.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, a notice is given to Tutor-General, Permanent Secretaries, and Principals to immediately permit the use of Hijab in schools.

“No student should be discriminated against in any form on the basis of religion. All principals and teachers must be sensitized to comply accordingly. You are enjoined to adhere strictly to these recommendations," reads a statement contained in a circular sent to officials.

This is confirmed in a report published by Vanguard News on the day the instruction was made public.

According to reports, the Supreme Court of Nigeria has been presented with a pending case over the use of veils in Lagos schools. Until a verdict is given, students are allowed to wear Hijabs.

They are to ensure they match with school uniforms, kept short and neat.