The Bukola Saraki-led Nigerian Senate has passed a total of 96 bills in the last two years.

Saraki stated this on Friday, June 9, 2017, at a special plenary session to mark the second anniversary of the 8th senate.

The Senate president described the 8th Senate as the most transparent arm of government.

Saraki noted that the Senate had pushed the boundaries of conventional lawmaking.

"Today the 8th senate has passed 96 bills in just two years eclipsing the highest ever in the history of the national assembly, a record held by the senate after passing 65 bills in the same period of time," Saraki said.

“On the issue of opening the lawmaking process we have not been afraid to push the boundaries of convention, that is why the 8 Senate can be credited to initiated the first-ever National Assembly Joint Public Hearing on the Budget; the 8 Senate broke the 12year jinx on the PIB by passing the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB) that will reform the NNPC and return accountability in the petroleum industry.

“The 8 Senate scored another first as it become the first Senate to unveil and pursue a self-developed economic reform agenda to aid the ease of doing business in Nigeria and create new frameworks for creating jobs and improving Nigeria’ ranking in the global competitiveness index.

“All of these we have done because we know and we believe that in order to create millions of employments quickly, give more opportunities to our people as well as get the full potential of our diversification of the economy policy on the one hand and close the gap on our infrastructure deficit we needed to get rid of our old and obsolete laws and enact new laws that have the right modern and intellectual mix.

"Distinguished colleagues, our invited guest today, it can be said that the 8th senate has led the way in open government and transparency, aside opening our books to the public, we have also opened what we do to the world and we are the first to adopt live streaming of plenary and deliberations globally.

"Indeed we have become the most open arm of government in the history of Nigeria till date," the Senate President added.

On this day in 2015, Saraki was elected as the President of the Senate against the wishes of the All Progressive Congress (APC).