Senate President,

Read three surprising things he told the BBC’s Naziru Mikaliu below:

1. Nigeria is not a corrupt country:

“My take is that I must market my country, so I am not gonna be able to label the country as such.”

2. I don’t know how much I’m worth:

Question: “You don’t know how much you are worth? How much did you declare?

Answer: “I can’t remember these figures.”

3. I’ve worked hard for everything I have:

“Question: How did you amass all this wealth?”

Answer: “I come from a blessed family. I come from a family where my parents were opportuned and after that I worked hard in the private sector and I think I have worked hard for everything that I have. I made 95% of my assets before I joined government.”

Saraki also said that he’s innocent of corruption charges leveled against him.

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The Senate President is currently facing trial for asset declaration fraud before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).