President Buhari’s social media aide, Lauretta Onochie has listed the 22 sins which Senate President Bukola Saraki committed against the government.

She made this known in a post which she published on Facebook.

Onochie put up the list in reaction to a statement issued by the Senate President when he dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Buhari’s anti-corruption war is personal

According to the Senate President, Buhari’s anti-corruption waris being used as a weapon to silence any form of dissent.

He said “…However, what we have seen is a situation whereby every dissent from the legislature was framed as an affront on the executive or as part of an agenda to undermine the government itself.

The populist notion of anti-corruption became a ready weapon for silencing any form of dissent and for framing even principled objection as ‘corruption fighting back’.”

Governance principles were deliberately violated in APC

Saraki, while listing his also said that “All governance principles which were required for a healthy functioning of the party and the government were deliberately violated or undermined. And all entreaties for justice, equity and fairness as basic precondition for peace and unity, not only within the party, but also the country at large, were simply ignored, or employed as additional pretext for further exclusion.”

He also revealed that some blocked all his efforts to make peace.

Buhari’s aide fires back

In her response, Onochie said that the APC is the most tolerant party in the world.

See her full response and list of Saraki’s sins below:

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APC is the most tolerant political party in the world.

No other party would accommodate Dr. Saraki the way APC did till we could take no more. Here are a few of his sins. Just a few obvious ones that are in the public domain:

1. Non-confirmation of EFCC Chairman sent in by the President impeding and threatening to derail the fight against corruption.

2. Giving preference to PDP members in committee appointments in the Senate.

3. Delay in the confirmation of the boards for AMCON, CBN, NERC, NSADA, ICPC, among others.

4. Giving the Deputy Senate President to the opposition party.

5. Placing roadblocks to the actualization of government’s promises to Nigerians.

6. Constituting a clog in the wheel of progress of the development of the country and the implementation of the policies of the administration.

7. Joining forces with the opposition to ridicule President Buhari’s fight against corruption.

8. Stole money from the APC Campaign during the Presidential campaign in 2015 and starved the Campaign Council of funds.

9. Maintains a relationship with a gang of armed robbers who have been notorious for disturbing the peace of good people of Kwara State.

10. Rallied corrupt elements to buy his Senate Presidency seat against the wishes of the Party.

11. Currently inducing Senators with $100,000 each to suffocate PMB’s government in the Senate.

12. Delay of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 budgets and thus impeding the economic development of the country.

13. Budget padding and inserting 391 projects into budget of only two agencies.

14. Shutting down the National Assembly and personalizing the National Assembly affairs especially when he is required to answer questions at law enforcement authorities, we see the entire senate following him to the CCT and shutting down the Senate.

15. His refusal to entertain the virement for the funding of critical MDA’s which will ensure key agencies like INEC, NSA, NPF conduct their duties to ensure a free and fair elections.

16. Frustrating key laws in the fight against corruption and promoting laws that serve personal interest like the Bill on re-ordering the sequence of elections.

17. Fictitious insertions of amounts that are diverted in the name of constituency projects.

18. Lack of internal democracy where he, at will, suspends senators with different opinion from him.

19. Refusal to approve loans meant for infrastructural development of the country.

20. Using the Senate as an institution to fight personal vendetta.

21. Generally undermining the government for the past three years.

22. Permitting and tacitly endorsing frivolous motions to unjustly attack the President and the Government.

Meanwhile, former spokesman of the APC, Timi Frank has alleged that that the party is offering Senators $400,000 about N148,000,000 each (at the rate of N370 to $1), to impeach Senate President Bukola Saraki.