During an interview with the BBC, President Muhammadu Buhari said his wife Aishabelonged to his kitchen and the other room

This comes after the First Lady had told BBC in an earlier interview that she may not support her husband’s reelection in 2019.

Aisha claimed that Buhari's government has been hijacked by a "few people” and that the President does not know “45 out of 50” of the people he’s appointed.

The question is, has the "kitchen" and the “other room” also been hijacked by these strangers? Are the First Lady and her husband dropping hints of a much larger problem?

Whether or not you believe Buhari was joking, the health and well-being of any family can easily be traced to the kitchen. From there some of the resources generated by the family is used to nurture and grow the family.

A President’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ determines the health and growth of that nation. And if that cabinet is filled with people from the ‘other room’ then the citizens of that country will soon be used in television ads to raise funds for UN aid.

With $1 changing for over N400, fuel at N145 a liter and inflation so high the same product sells at a higher price every other week, Nigeria is a perfect example of when the mistress takes over the kitchen.

A country where the sports minister walked past the coach of its Olympic football team without recognizing him and where some senators cannot recite the national pledge.

Buhari has two choices. Either he mans up and tells his godfathers to suck on an ice cream cone, like his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan did or watch as his name is dragged through the mud by his ‘helpers’.

Surely he must know by now that personally supervising every aspect of the economy will only lead to delays and is not a workable plan.

But Reuben Abati and his frenemy Fani Kayode agree that the demons at the Aso Villa seem to corrupt the minds of our leaders. And the popular African proverb says “he whom the gods will destroy they first make mad”.

If Buhari fails to get his act together then he can be sure that Nigeria and Aisha would not vote for him come 2019.

As for Aisha and Buhari's squabbles, that would be settled as usual in the other room, away from our prying eyes.