When President Muhammadu Buhari ordered that Governor Willie Obiano’s security detail be restored, what we couldnt fathom is how one Governor in Nigeria would have a battalion of police officers at his beck and call.

According to police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, 221 police officers are attached to Anambra Governor Obiano.

The 221 officers comprise an ADC, a CSO, one unit commander from 45 mobile police force (PMF) and an administration officer to administer the police personnel.

Others are 43 personnel of PMF, from 29 PMF and 54 PMF; 62 personnel of PMF from 45 PMF, 46 Personnel of special protection unit (SPU) and 66 personnel of conventional policemen.

Moshood justifies the number of police officers attached to Obiano with the following words: “This is done to ensure optimum safety and protection of the Executive Governor of Anambra.”

If this is what happens across the States, that means over 7,000 police officers are keeping watch over 36 men. Assuming that half that number are watching over Deputy Governors, lawmakers at the national assembly, the Senate President and Speaker of the House, parliamentarians at the State Assemblies, local government chairmen and Councillors….

How many police officers are attached to the President and his Vice at this rate?

We have a scenario where a chunk of police officers are watching over a fraction of the population, while the remaining 170 million Nigerians have been condemned to looking after themselves.

It’s absurd and insane all at once.

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Nigeria has a police to citizen ratio of 1:600—far below what the United Nations recommends, because police personnel are carrying bags for politicians and Ogas all over the place instead.

The United Nations recommends one police officer for every 450 citizens. Nigeria has about 370,000 police officers and IGP Ibrahim Idris has been pleading for more police recruits to meet the demand.

According to Idris, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) requires about 155,000 personnel to adequately provide security for the country.

If we have a police deficit, why are 221 watching over one man?

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“To attain the UN ratio requirement of one police officer to 400 citizens of a country, the Nigeria Police Force needs to recruit 155,000 to police Nigerian population of approximately 182 million,” the IGP said.

Oh well, if most of the police personnel are assigned to Governors and the political ruling class, it is little wonder we are where we are.

I know of no other nation on earth where 221 police personnel are attached to a Governor.

One Governor, fam!

If you know of any other country where this is done, please hit me up in the comment section below.