There are many factors that seem to discourage youths from participating in the electoral process.

For most young people, they are put off by the stress they have to go through to cast their ballot. They see the whole thing as a chore, from registering for the voter card to queuing in the sun to cast the ballot.

And this carefree attitude is the consequence of them not been encouraged to engage in the political process: Neither the schools nor the parents did.

As a matter of fact, most parents would do anything to prevent their wards from taking part in protests and political events on campus.

There is also another factor that can be said to be the chief reason why most youths choose not to concern themselves with political activities: It is believed that the system is broken and their vote won’t count.

Here are some of the reasons why youths seem not to be bothered with the electoral process

1. Lack of credible candidates

It is not difficult to see that there has been a continuous cycle of politicians whose personalities are largely wanting in integrity in all the political party.

Therefore, given the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea, people would rather abstain.

2. Rigging of elections

This is a menace that has severely undermined the electoral process, leaving the electorates feeling unconfident that their votes count.

Underage Being Accredited To Vote In Northern Nigeria play

Underage Being Accredited To Vote In Northern Nigeria (Point blank news)

3. Inadequate security measures during elections

There is a hidden belief among the electorates that going out to vote during elections can be unsafe.

And this is as a result of the history of violence,  snatching of ballot boxes, disruption of voting centres by thugs, etc.

4. Lack of good governance

Unarguably, this can be said to be the largest cause of political apathy: The failure of the politicians to provide good leadership.

The outcome of this has eroded trust and any willingness to oblige to the demands of patriotism.

5. Chaos in the political system

Owing to the fact that a political system is made up of different political parties, differences are bound to happen irrespective of whether the country is developed or not.

But in Nigeria, it much more than differences. There is chaos in the country's political system; so much strife and fracas that the betterment of the country is not even thought of at all.

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