Garba Shehu, a spokesperson of President Muhammadu Buhari, says persons who lined the streets to boo the president as his convoy sped into the Borno capital city of Maiduguri, were miscreants paid to do so by politicians.

President Buhari was greeted with irate chants of "Bama so!” “Bamayi!” (which translates to “We don’t want; we’re not interested,") from some residents of Maiduguri as he checked into town.

Buhari was in Maiduguri on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 to condole with the state government following a Boko Haram attack that led to the deaths of over 30 persons on a barricaded highway.

In an interview with the Hausa service of the BBC, Shehu said only miscreants jeered the president during his visit.

“I was part of the delegation that entered Maiduguri right from the airport to the palace of the Shehu of Borno. The people came out to say thank you and welcomed us,” Shehu said.

“But there was a group which came out shouting ‘we don’t want’.

“Some politicians gathered some miscreants and paid them money to boo Buhari.”

Borno is a stronghold of President Buhari. The 76-year-old president twice swept the northeastern state in presidential votes held in 2015 and 2019.