Obiamaka Orakwue

On Monday, July 10, 2017, 14-year old Obiamaka Orakwue, was gangraped to death by a number of boys in her parents’ home, around Abule Ado, Lagos State.

Her last words to her mother, who ran home after she was informed that some boys had scampered out of her house and her daughter wasn’t responding to knocks were, “Mummy, those boys I told you about.” as she died in pains from the effect of forceful penetration and possibly other injuries.

She was going to be a JSS 3 student in September 2017, but she will never do that now because a group of men scaled her parent’s fence and gangraped her and left her in a pool of her own blood before escaping, never to be found.

As detailed by Pulse in July 2017, Obiamaka was a great girl. Like her siblings, she was meant to be in Lekki, at her Uncle’s place, with her other siblings, but she chose to stay behind to help her mother with household chores.

Upon her death, her mother was thrown into a world of horrors as be blamed herself for her daughter’s death. She blamed herself for letting Obiamaka remain at home in Abule Ado than go to Lekki. But no, she is not to blame, her rapists are to blame. She had told her mother about catcalls from her rapists, but the entire attraction to children is not a terrible reality.

Marlene Dejumo’s Twitter thread

On August 8, 2018, a Twitter user @MarleneDejumo chatted about how her family friend's 5-year old daughter was raped by a 45-year old man. in Thomas Estate, Ajah. The man then tried to buy his way out of punishment.


Adegboyega Adenekan - the suspect who has been accused of sexually molesting a 2 year old girl.

In Februrary 2018, news broke about Adegboyega Adenekan, a 47-year-old Chrisland School supervisor who serially raped a 2-year old unnamed child. The child is now 4-years old.

The list goes on as instances of child molestation swarm the media.

Narrative to legalize pedophilia

Over the past two years, the world has witnessed a spike in the clamor around legitimizing pedophilia and Incestsexuality. The problem is that they are societal scourges which attract criminal penalties and have led to dissolution of marriages.

In Nigeria, a fundamental ground for divorce is proof of relation either but affinity or consanguinity. But in this woke world where everyone feels entitled to something and everyone wants to live their best life, they want incest to be a mainstream sexuality.

Recently, James Gunn was fired as director of Guardians of the Galaxy for his tweets about violent pedophilia.

The problem is how the proponents of these movements have been likening their clamors to the outsider status to the slow, but continued acceptability of racial equality to a higher degree and feminism, LGBTQ+ and gender equality to a lesser degree.

Their chief energy is being drawn from the continued softening of standards against LGBTQ+, despite its outsider status.

R. Kelly and accusation of pedophilia

Kelly is what you can call a vanguard of perpetual sex offence accusation — he is always embroiled in one accusation or the other. Even worse, these sex offence accusation are always mostly pedophilia-related.

Things That Suck
R. Kelly's Backup Singer Claims She Caught Him Having Sex With Aaliyah

Earlier in January, Twitter bandied together to use its voice against a terrible wrong — what triggered it was a six-part docu-series titled, “Surviving R. Kelly” about the playboy lifestyle, reported predatory behavior, emotional and physical abuse, and pedophilia perpetrated by the R&B great.

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Amongst some of his worst acts was marrying the late R&B princess, Aaliyah when she was 15 — Kelly was 27. In 2017, he was accused of grooming teenage girls for a ‘sex cult’ where these girls were reportedly subjected to terrible acts and submissive treatment — he was 50. The list goes on.

Pedophiles want pedophilia legalized

When you see the sheer wrongness of these actions, you get befuddled by the activism from some sections to get pedophilia legalized. They are also likening pedophilia to LGBTQ when there is no reasonable nexus between both. 

The LGBTQ+ Mantras pedophiles now abuse to push their narrative

“Let everyone love whoever they want, you can’t choose who to love” was always coming back to roost, we just didn’t realize how much.

LGBTQ+ is on a rise and it was inevitable that other forms of 'sexual orientation' will spring up.

Empathy as a currency

In a May 2, 2018 article by Rod Dreher for The American Conservative, he described how “Kinds” will groom society by leveraging empathy that has served LGBTQ+ so well.

Kinds” is a German word for Children.

What is this “empathy”?

Statements like “Let everyone love who they want," and "you can’t choose who to love.”

Media circuses have been created around these statements and campaigns, cooked up through subtle chatter of violence or negativity with which pedophiles are being perceived. The article called it “emotivism and the media”.

The aforementioned article detailed a pedophile manifesto titled "A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying Pedophobia in the 21st Century".

The problem is how liberal and progressive media does not realize how it will aid this movement. The ideal of garnering views and clicks means stories likely to garner same get reported.

It only takes one media platform to report, others will want to milk same, determined not to be outdone.

But what about consent?

A major problem with pedophilia is absence of consent. A 7 year old is too young and ignorant to understand what he or she is being offered. Even most 13-year-olds don’t have a full grasp of the entire concept of sex.

Children are mostly too dangerous to understand the concept of sex (Esquire)

How then can we leave children at the mercy of these sexual predators who claim they are attracted to them?

How can we even consider it?

For pedophilia, consent goes more than a “Yes” or “No”. A 25 year old might regret a decision he or she made at 13. It’s the age of ignorance where sex shouldn’t be privy to young minds, especially not from experienced manipulators like pedophiles.

Pedophilia in Nigeria

We have heard of fathers raping their children. We have heard of aristos who only go after teenage girls.

We have heard of even eight-month old children getting violated by family members or their custodians.

Certain Falz songs like Regards to Your Mumsi and Child of the World have discussed similar issues.

Through an Instagram post, a woman named Temilola Sobola recently detailed how her 3 daughters, aged 5, 7 and 9 respectively were violated by their grandfather.

Doctors also told Temilola that her eldest daughter might require a miracle to conceive - a vital organ was affected by the rape.

Equally, we see bosses violate their 14-year old maids and then attempt cover ups.

At the root of all these is pedophilia. Nigeria is littered with instances of same and it is not reducing.

Why Is Pedophilia Rampant in Nigeria?

When we say, “pedophilia”, we must realize that the male child also gets abused, albeit to a lesser degree, statistically than the girl child. A lot of men popped their cherries to older women who were either their maids, teachers, tutors or friends.

Mental Illness

The reasons for this epidemic is diverse and sometime dynamic. The primary causes can however be traced to a worrying lack of discipline and radically, a probable yet unclassified mental illness.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), that describes pedophilia as ““a form of paraphilia in which a person either has intense sexual urges towards children, and experiences recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about children that they have either acted on, or cause distress or interpersonal difficulty.””

Attraction to children is not very different to an addiction to rape and corpses. At the root of either is a compelling case that these perpetrators are either obsessed with overly submissive “conquests” or naïve minds who will can muster no complaints, and who can be scared into keeping quiet. Whereas, sex in the normal world requires attraction on some levels.

These perpetrators, though not always sex-starved seem obsessed. Some of them might peg it down to attraction, but attraction to an 8-month old baby is not attraction, it is mental illness.


Another problem is that perpetrators have not been medically diagnosed, nor have they been treated as chronic mental cases. It is why poverty still makes certain families give out their teenage children in marriage to men in their 50's.

We Run a Big Risk

Life is not bliss when children are continually robbed of their innocence, freedom and bliss of free will to engage in actual consensual sex when they come of age.

Pedophilia is not a sexuality, it is probably a mental illness that requires urgent attention. It should not be encouraged because we risk destroying the entire sanctity of sane relationships and reasonability in our world.

Children, scarred by actions of pedophiles never really recover - It is rape. A child under the age 16 can simply not be allowed to legally have sex.

Lives will be ruined and the future world will be open all kinds of possibilities if we continue legalizing every entitled movement over their use of empathy.

This already damaged world will seem like blissful utopia to the caricature that the future will represent.

Sadly, legalization of pedophilia might be inevitable in the west

While I am neither God nor a soothsayer, I fear the entire landscape might be different in 50 years.

A lot of contemporarily accepted vanguard movements were unacceptable 60 years ago. A public figure like Alan Turing, an inventor, the father of artificial intelligence and hero of World War II was subjected to shock therapy for being gay in 1940s England. Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness at the time, but not anymore.

While pedophilia and incestsexuality are a far cry from LGBTQ+, empathy and mantras than carried LGBTQ+ can sell for pedophilia and incestsexuality. We must be careful not to walk those lines for them.

In this current world, marijuana is largely being legalized, albeit controlled and subject to serious taxation.

A country like the Netherlands recently legalized prostitution, but placed strict laws on age of consent and subjected it to heavy tax laws.

I fear the eventuality of pedophilia might be significantly reducing the age of consent and destroy the psyche of children who don’t have a full grasp of the issue of sex, let alone consent, but I pray the world stands it ground against pedophilia and incest - standing strongly against any stupid legalization ploys.

We live in a scary world. We should take heed while we can.