Acting President

Osinbajo, who spoke at the Lagos at 50 anniversary Gala Nite, which held at the Lagos house, Ikeja, showered encomium on the APC national leader on Saturday, May 27, 2017.

“I did not and I had never met Bola Tinubu before I was appointed commissioner and that says a lot about the kind of individual that he is,” he said.

Continuing, he said: “This is the kind of thinking that makes nations great; that is the kind of thinking that would make Nigeria great.

“A type of thinking that considers all of our diverse talents; a kind of thinking that does not allow parochialism; a kind of thinking that does not allow us to say anywhere belongs to only a set of people. That is when our country would be truly great.”

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Osinbajo, who lauded Tinubu for taking cognisance of the diversity of the state while forming his cabinet in 1999, served as attorney-general and commissioner of justice between 1999 and 2007.