The Vice President,

He said the economy cannot get better, unless corruption is dealt with.

The Vice President said “if you don’t fight corruption, you cannot even deal with the economy, you need to hold corrupt people accountable because they  stole the money meant for the economy.”

He also added that  “our sense of outrage is nowhere near what has happened. Some people are even arguing why are we going after the looters, that we should concentrate on the economy. But if we don’t fight corruption, we can’t deal with the economy effectively.”

Osinbajo said the the Buhari led administration will not yield to calls from some quarters to let go of the past and focus on building the economy.

He said “what has happened in this country is criminal.

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“We are here for the people, if not for the people, we will not be here. We got here by the grace of God and the votes of the man on the street who felt it’s time for change.”

Also speaking on the hike in electricity tariffs, the Vice President said the government is open to suggestions.

You will recall that Osinbajo revealed that President Buhari is being pressured by prominent Nigerians to stop the war on corruption.