The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) says it has put in place a strategic roadmap for developing digital identification towards achieving Nigeria’s Economic Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP).

NIMC stated this in a report issued by its department of Corporate Communications on Wednesday in Abuja.

It recalled that the Federal Government in 2017 issued the ERGP as its overall strategy to drive the country’s economic development.

The report indicated that the economic plans is targeted at delivering key government services to the citizens in the areas of safety net, agriculture, energy, transport, enterprises development, strengthen macro fiscal environment and developing local digital economy.

It quoted NIMC Director General Mr Aliyu Aziz as saying that identification is central to realising the country’s ERGP.

”Without knowing who the people are, the federal government may not be able to effectively deliver important services to the people especially key government policies such as social investment programme, financial inclusion and elections rely on good identification.

”And firms aiming to scale up the country’s digital economy may not be able to offer innovation and services to consumers without good identification,” he said.

Aziz said, the federal government plans to strengthen fiscal management, promote good governance and transparency required the nation to know ‘who is who’.

According to him, identification is a requisite for the country’s economic, social and political development.

”Digital identification works hand in hand with greater use of internet, payments and skills for a vibrant digital economy in Nigeria.

”This report provides a strategic roadmap for digital identification in Nigeria, this roadmap is intended to offer a credible pathway for the federal government to develop identification at a faster and lower cost.

”The roadmap proposes a modified approach to developing identification, leveraging on the federal government existing institutions,” he said.

The NIMC Boss said, the federal government’s vision of digital identification is to simplify its approach on identification by offering a unique identity to every Nigerian within and outside the country.