A range of mental illness can be cured via natural means. This is according to naturopath,  Dr Solomon Abutoh who has recommended herbal treatment for mental problems.

Abutoh said most cases of mental ill health can be tackled with herbs,  such as Asofeyeje in Yoruba adding that  the leaf of the plant is suitable, though the bark is more potent, while advising that it must be used sparingly.

Explaining things, Abutoh said:

“Diseases, therefore, manifest along the lines of man’s nature. Some are physical as in wounds while the others could be less physical in origin, such as emotional cases, yet are capable of affecting human behaviour and or attitudes.”

He also attributed some cases of mental illness to excessive alcohol use and drug abuse saying that "many of those who take marijuana, cocaine and heroine have become mad because of the effect drugs have on them.”

He further said mental disorders manifest in stages, adding that early detection and prompt treatment is best for treatment.

Also according to Abutoh,  there are people of high professional/social standing that are mentally sick. Said he,

"These people are even saddled with critical decision-making positions or responsibilities. They also determine the fate of many, if not the whole country. Some doctors, nurses, pilots, judges, political leaders, bankers, sailors, personal/commercial drivers, handlers of light to heavy weapons, nuclear weapons are mentally ill,”

To this end, Abutoh recommended that there was the need to subject such people to periodic psychiatric checks to determine and assess their mental state.