The Governor of Bauchi state, Mohammed Abubakar has reacted to reports that he frustrated his deputy, Nuhu Gidado.

Gidado's resignationwas made public on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

The Deputy Governor said that his resignation was based on his resolve to serve for a single term.

“Ordinarily, I should have remained up to the end of the tenure, but, with the currently dampened spirit and waning zeal as it relates to my official engagements, my continued stay will not be fair and truthful to you as my brother and leader,” according to Channels TV.

Abubakar said that it is not true that he made things difficult for Gidado while he was in office, adding that he has a cordial relationship with him.

He said “I think he is wrong. Go to the House of Assembly and check, I went on official leave twice since I took over and each time I transmitted a letter to the House of Assembly making him the Acting Governor of the state.

“Moreover, I gave him the most important ministry, the Ministry of Education, where I have been allocating the largest share of the budget of the state since 2008.

“What transpired is in the letter of Gidado, and I think people should read that letter, read the entire letter and you will see that there was nothing bad that transpired between us. His final paragraph is that he remains loyal to his leader and brother.

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“In my response, I eulogized him and wished him the best in his future endeavour and assured him of the support of the good people of Bauchi State. There was no problem whatsoever.”

Why Bauchi Deputy Governor resigned

According to a source in Bauchi who spoke to Pulse, "Gidado lost the zeal to just show up at work only to spend the rest of the day reading the newspapers; or wait to be told what to do by Governor Abubakar."

The source also revealed that Gidado had to resign because he was no longer comfortable staying idle.