National President of Miyetti Allah Kautel Hore socio-cultural organization, Abdullahi Bodejo, says Fulani herdsmen are are willing to relocate to Sambisa forest with their herdsmen.

Bodejo said the Federal Government did not consult with the group before the decision was taken to establish Ruga settlements in states.

In an interview with the Sun, Bodejo said the major concern of herdsmen is the availability of water an grass in the Sambisa forest and not land grabbing as speculated.

Whether Sambisa or anywhere, the Fulani can stay,” Bodejo announced.

He continued: ”The Fulani people do not fear Sambisa or any forest. The Fulani are ready to stay anywhere there is bush but number one is that there must be water which their cows can drink and there must be grasses for their cows to eat.

“If Sambisa has all those facilities, you do not need to introduce it to the Fulani; they would go there and herd their cows. If you see any place where the Fulani do not go to, it is because such a place does not have water and grasses for the grazing of their cows.

“All the places like Enugu, Benue and Taraba, if Fulani don’t go there to fertilize their land, nobody will go there to farm. The Fulani have settled in many places including the Federal Capital Territory before the farmers came there.

“So, if the Federal Government could introduce the Fulani to the Sambisa forest, we are ready to go there. I will be the number one person who will go there,” he added.

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Bodejo also dismissed claims that President Muhammadu Buhari was given the Fulanis preferential treatment compared to other ethnic groups in the country.

Located in Borno state, Sambisa forest is home to the dreaded terrorists sect, Boko Haram.

Although the Nigerians Amy claims to have degraded the Boko Haram sect destroying their hideouts in the forest, there are still patches of attacks on citizens by some members of the sect who seek refuge in the area.