The 40-year-old from Palermo surrendered on Sunday, April 7, 2019 and reportedly confessed to the murder of the Nigerian woman, according to a report by Modena Today, an Italian website.

Scalici reportedly picked Benedita from the industrial area of Modena Nord with a rented van before the two left for a secluded area where they are believed to have had sexual intercourse.

It's unknown what specifically made Scalici kill Benedita, but he's reported to have been dissatisfied with the sex and hit her, in a fit of rage, with a heavy workbench vise.

Scalici proceeded to ditch the deceased's naked corpse on a road in Toni, located between Modena and Albareto. The body was found by a man walking his dog around noon on Sunday.

The State Police Mobile Squad detained Scalici and ordered an autopsy on Benedita's corpse to verify the suspect's account.