A Veterinary Doctor, Dr Bello Mai-Nasara, said on Tuesday that slaughtering of diseased animals was dangerous for human consumption.

The medical expert told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gusau Ultra-Modern Abattoir in Zamfara, that diseased animals were not good for consumption.

He said that while some diseases could be managed, there were several others that were very dangerous to the health of the consumers.

“There are different types of diseases that are contacted from animals by living with them, while some are contacted through consumption."

“Therefore, there is the need for anti-mortem and post-mortem inspection of all animals before consumption."

“Rapid disease can also be seen in animals like cow, camel, sheep and goat, and if the animal is slaughtered before detecting, the carcass should be burnt and buried."

“One of the most dangerous diseases in animals is Anthrax."

“It (Anthrax) is an air-borne disease and if an infected animal is slaughtered, all the slaughtered animals in the abattoir, including the infected one, should be burnt and buried."

“Also, the abattoir should be sealed and disinfected and the people present at the time of slaughtering should go to hospital for check up, " Mai-Nasara said.

The medical expert suggested that all animals should be inspected by veterinary doctors, before slaughtering at the abattoir to avoid contacting diseases.

“There are two ways of inspecting animals: anti-mortem inspection, which is through the physical inspection of animal to see some obvious signs, before slaughtering."

“The other one, which is the post-mortem inspection, is the test carried out on slaughtered animals, to know the type of diseases infected,"  he said.