The city of Maiduguri was calm on Sunday, September 20, 2015 until 7:35pm when multiple explosions rocked Ajilari cross in Gommari ward, a walking distance to the Maiduguri Airport leaving scores of citizens dead.

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An eye witness, Alhaji Buar Modu, who spoke to Daily Trust disclosed that a loud noise shook everywhere with people running toward different directions for safety.

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Alhaji Modu further said "less than 10 minutes later, at exactly 7:43 pm another one exploded not to far from the place. That one did nit do much damage because people were at the scene of the first one. The third one exploded few minutes later in a mosque when people were praying. I saw people scattered in the mosque.I t was terryfying. I could not stay behind to see what happened. The highest death (toll) might be the one in the mosque.

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"I was running toward home when the last one exploded with a bang. I do not have details about that one. But all the blasts took place not far from each other," he said.

Already, there are insinuations that the explosions might be a ploy by the Boko Haram sect to prevent peaceful and successful Sallah celebrations in the state.

It should be noted that this is coming several hours after leader of the Boko Haram Sect, Shekarau made some comment on President Buhari.