On Friday, February 16, 2018, 2 persons were killed and 28 others injured in a

A witness, Idrissa Bana, said the three suicide bombers simultaneously detonated the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) on their bodies in the crowded market.

Bana said that the explosives killed 22 persons and 28 others sustained injuries, adding that those injured were evacuated to a hospital in Maiduguri.

“There were a lot of people doing last minute shopping when the suicide bombers hit the market,” he said.

Eyewitness account

Pulse has now obtained footage from the location of the blast hours after the tragic incident.

Four eyewitnesses gave their account of what happened on a fateful day.

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"It was around 8: 30 last night the incident occurred. We were all sitting here having a late night gist. Some were carrying out their business too" said the first eyewitness.

"We were unaware, the first bomb exploded which made us run for our lives. In the process of running one, the suicide bombers detonated another one. The number casualties should be within 15-17 and the numbers of people injured should be around 30-40 people" he said.

The second eyewitness was at home when the first bomb went off. "We were at home when the incident occurred but some our friends were here that period.

"It was about 30 minutes after the blast we rushed out, helping those who got injured into vehicles that would take them to the hospitals. Just like my friend said the number of casualties is within the same range. Just a while ago we had performed the burial rites for one of the deceased."

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The third eyewitness narrowly escaped the attack. "I went to a shop to charge my phone together with a soldier including the shop owner making us three of us. Unaware a bomb exploded, only two of us survived, the other person's injuries are more severe he has been taking to Maiduguri."

A competent security source said that the identity of the suicide bombers could not be identified.